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After agriculture, craft emerges as the second largest occupational sector in India with approximately 20-30 million people. Colonial monopoly of Indian craft and later the industrial revolution saw the extreme marginalisation of artisans. Every 10 years, 10% of them give up their skills because they are unable to sustain livelihood. Poverty and low level of literacy further reduce economic opportunity. In Indian perspective art and craft are not only intended to fulfil the purpose of decoration; instead they are the product of common men and women coming out of their creative approach, getting inspiration from their devotion to Almighty, nature and tradition. Hence it is a mirror of their selves, their community and their culture.


Rekhaakriti is dedicated to serve the traditional art & handicraft of Uttar Pradesh and generate livelihood for self trained and underprivileged local artisans and craftsmen. The products of Rekhaakriti consume nature friendly, light weighted, organic and biodegradable material that give an Eco friendly substitution to the products already existing in the market which is a present demand of the society that is aligning towards Eco friendly consumption trend.Through the revival of the traditional handicrafts Rekhaakriti wishes to cooperate in the revolution of ecofriendly lifestyle, support and empower artists and artisans of Uttar Pradesh through systematic and sustained development efforts and also ensure their social and economic well being.


Rekhaakriti has a motto of enhancing income generating opportunities for artisans in rural, urban and tribal areas by marketing their products made on our guidelines and strategies. Rekhaakriti has a social goal – providing employment opportunities to people in the rural areas. We get handicraft products from such areas. We sell handmade wooden recreational and educational toys, handicrafts and basketries made up of organic, biodegradable and ecofriendly material painted with vegetable and non toxic ecofriendly paints made in India. Rekhaakriti works to protect traditional culture and heritage of Uttar Pradesh through handicraft, to save artisan’s livelihood opportunities, adopt handmade products culture in place of machines, to involve more women power in handicraft sector, to promote socio-economic conditions of the artisan community. We thrive on the challenge of offering refreshing, authentic and high quality products that speak of simplicity, understated elegance and contemporary charm through- CREATIVITY, NATURALNESS and HANDCRAFTED.

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